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President:  Longqi Chen
Chief, Professor, Department of Thoracic Surgery
West China Hospital of Sichuan University

President's Message

Dear CSDE Members,

Welcome to our newly built website. The Chinese Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (CSDE) was founded in September 2015, represents a combined initiative amongst surgeons, physicians, pathologists and scientists from a multi-disciplinary background with a common shared interest and enthusiasm to work toward providing a better management and prevention of diseases of the esophagus. As China has considerable number of patients with esophageal diseases, especially the high incidence of esophageal cancer, and the current unsatisfactory quality of medical care, this dedicated association is focused on improving the medical service quality by enhancing medical education and training, bridging international collaboration and coordinate national and international clinical studies. To meet the increasing interest of international training and study from Chinese doctors, and to recruite and select best candidates for international education, CSDE will launch a nationwide abroad trainee interview program, winning candidates will need to exhibit proficiency in English oral communication skill, scientific research abilities and surgical or other relevant tests. You are warmly welcome to participate in this program, and to be the highly talented Chinese trainees.

We aim to build this society into a shared platform for experienced medical professional to communicate and boost the quality of healthcare service and clinical study in China, and establish a pathway of international academic exchange and collaboration.



Long-Qi Chen, MD, PhD

CSDE President 2016-2018

Chair, Professor, Department of Thoracic Surgery

West China Hospital of Sichuan University

Chengdu, Sichuan